Paola El Sitt is now the official ambassador of Braé in the Middle East. Brand experts have already started to take care of Paola’s hair and created an individual professional treatment and home care program. One of Paola’s 2024 goals is to transform her hair.

She wanted to have very healthy hair and a gorgeous color that suits her and she has a vision board for this.

Universe brought Paola and Braé together when Braé team met her and suggested a hair transformation journey. Paola: «When I first tried the products, I couldn’t believe that it worked from the first time. The result was so amazing!»

Paola believed in the brand as she saw incredible results from the first time, and even her hairdresser asked her if she is using anything different on her hair.

This was Paola’s impression after.
Braé created a customized Hair transformation journey for Paola, from rebuilding the layers, making sure that an intense nourishment is always provided to the hair and based on Paola’s traveling and lifestyle, the products change.
The journey includes analyzing Paola hair and scalp with a special device, to properly diagnose the status and what problems exactly are so the curated treatments, home care and coloring plan is finally created.
Being an international brand, Braé involved their brand experts in the UAE, London, Paris as Paola has been traveling lately, making sure Paola’s hair plan is on the track and not missing her treatments dates.