Braé Hair Care Blog

Choose your Braé shampoo and conditioner by concern 🤍

💫 Divine – for very dry and frizzy hair

Deeply nourishes, moistures and leaves hair frizz-free.

💫 Glow Shine – for dull and slightly dry hair

Promotes intense shine and nourishes hair.

💫 Revival – for severely damaged hair

Deeply repairs hair fiber and nourishes.

💫 Essential – for damaged and dull hair

Deeply hydrates, repairs and strengthens the hair fiber, protects hair from UV, heat, sea salt and chlorine.

💫 Puring (only shampoo) – for very oily scalp and hair

Gently cleans the scalp, rebalances and revitalizes its health and slightly moisturizes hair.

💫 Gorgeous Volume – for fine hair and slightly oily scalp

Controls the scalp sebum balance, provides additional volume and strengthens hair.

💫 Bond Angel Matizador – for toning blonde hair

Neutralises yellow tones of blonde, reconstructs hair fiber bonds and nourishes hair.

💫 Blonde Repair – for bleached hair

Provides deep regeneration to hair fiber, repairs its damage, nourishes and strengthens hair.

💫 Soul Color – for colored hair

Nourishes hair and protects from color-fading and aging.

💫 Go Curly – for curly and dry hair

Deeply nourishes, provides softness, definition and anti-frizz action.

💫 Go Curly Crespos – for super curly, very dry and fragile hair

Deeply nourishes, provides softness and anti-knot action.

Believe us, with Braé home hair care routine will become one of the favorite parts of the day!